Library Association Of Samoa

How to become a Librarian in Samoa

LAS Scholarships

The Library Association of Samoa offers some financial assistance for Samoan Librarians studying towards the USP Certificate or Diploma in Library Studies (mentioned below).  Scholarship Terms of Reference are as follows:-

  • Samoan Librarians who are currently enrolled in Library Studies at the University of the South Pacific may apply
  • LAS has WST$1000.00 to award per year in scholarships.  Up to WST$100 per applicant will be allocated depending on the number of applicants.
  • Applicants must be active financial members of the Library Association of Samoa to qualify
  • Applicants must currently work in a library or resource centre.
  • An application letter should be submitted to the LAS President before the start of each semester when applications are called for.  This letter is to outline previous study undertaken under LAS Scholarship, previous results achieved and why the applicant would like to receive scholarship funding.
  • LAS scholarships will not be awarded for the resitting of failed papers that have previously been covered by scholarship funding.
  • These Terms of Reference will be reviewed annualy by the LAS Committee.

University of the South Pacific – Certificate, Diploma and Degree

University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus, Fiji offers certificate, diploma and degree courses with a minor in librarianship that can be studied by distance learning from here in Samoa.  Have a look at this web site for further information.

Certificate in School Library Management and Operations

Working as a librarian is a wonderful career.  Every day you interact with people and help to connect them with the information they need for their school work or every day life.  Why not consider becoming a librarian yourself?

From 2007-2009 the Ministry of Education in conjunction with the University of the South Pacific, Alafua Campus, has offered a Certificate in School Library Management and Operations to fast track people to becoming librarians who can look after the school and college libraries. The course is taught by some of the most qualified libraians working in libraries around Samoa.

Contact the Ministry of Education or USP to find out whether another cohort will be offered soon and have a look here at our photos of the 2008 and 2009 cohorts and their graduation ceremonies.

Masters and PHD study in Librarianship

Once you have completed your degree in librarianship you can continue to study towards your Masters degree or PHD internationally.  Two places you can do this are:-

Victoria University of Wellington – New Zealand

Charles Sturt University – Australia

Professional Development and Training Courses
The Library Association of Samoa supports professional development for people working as librarians in the country.  Periodically the association will organize training courses for members.  These courses will be advertised here on the web site as well as via email.  Courses will be offered either free or at a reduced cost for association members so why not join the association today so you can take advantage of free training?!The Association will be offering training in Information Literacy and Building Strong Libraries in May 2011 so contact us to register your interest.