Library Association Of Samoa

Talofa and Welcome!

Welcome to the website of the Library Association of Samoa – Asosi a faletusi ma maota o punaoa I Samoa, the premier organisation for librarians, library workers, library users and friends of the libraries in Samoa.

The Aims of the Library Association of Samoa are to:-

  • Promote libraries, literacy, education, reading for pleasure, internet and computer use across Samoa
  • Provide professional support and assistance to librarians, library assistants and those working with books and information
  • Provide training for all Samoan librarians
  • Preserve Samoan culture, history and literature
  • Support education, information literacy and lifelong learning for all Samoans
  • Help Samoan libraries make information resources available and accessible
  • Advocate for free access to information
  • Organise events for all people interested in literature, libraries and reading