Library Association Of Samoa

Library List

Libraries in Samoa

Aana No.1 Secondary School Library
Aana No.2 College Library
Alofi o Taoa Secondary School Library
Anoama’a College Library
Attorney General Library
Avele College Library
Central Bank of Samoa Library
CCWS Library
Chanel College Library
Department of Health Library
Faleata College Library
Falefitu Primary School
Itu o Tane Secondary School Library
Lefaga Secondary School Library
Legislative Assembly Library
Leifiifi College Library
Lepa/Lotofaga College Library
Malua Theological College Library
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Ministry of Agriculture Library
Moamoa Theological College Library
Nelson Memorial Public Library
Nursing School Library
N U S – Institute of Technology (Puaseisei).
N U S – Institute of Higher Education (TOA)
OUM – Oceania University of Medicine Library
Paediatrics Library
Palalaua College Library
Palauli College Library
Palauli I Sisifo College Library
Piula Theological College Library
Poutasi Secondary School Library
Safata Secondary School Library
Salafai Public Library
Samoa College Library
Savaii I Sisifo Secondary School Library
SPREP Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment
Programme I R C
UNESCO Library
USP University of the South Pacific, Alafua Campus
Vaimauga College Library
Vaivase Primary School library