Library Association Of Samoa

Book Donations 2009 and 2010

The Library Association of Samoa has been working with New Zealand libraries to bring children’s books to Samoa for school libraries.  Many libraries throughout New Zealand have been willing to donate books weeded from their collections.  The LAS has then worked with volunteers and shipping companies to get the books sent to Samoa where they have been distributed to needy schools.  This project has so far taken place in 2009 and 2010.  We hope to also carry this on in the future.  To read about the projects, people involved and schools who have been recipients please have a look at the following articles.

Samoa Observer 7th April 2009Samoa Observer 14th January 2010Samoa Observer 3rd February 2010

 The Library Association was also the recipient of a generous donation which was spent purchasing books for the St Theresa’s primary school library (as requested by the donor).  It was with pleasure the LAS Committee was able to deliver 50 new books to the school

Samoa Observer 4th September 2009